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Private Flute Lessons

My studio is located in Prospect, near Moraine State Park. I teach on Wednesday afternoons, by appointment.

My goal is to provide a fun experience, a growth mindset, and a lifelong love for music.  I coach young beginners as well as advanced players and adults. We work on fundamentals, classical repertoire, and band/ensemble music. Students are also encouraged to let me know of any special requests that they would find fun and inspiring to play.

Studio membership is paid as a monthly flat rate, due at the first lesson of the month. Most months will include four lessons, but some sometimes there may be five lessons on the calendar. The membership fee can be prorated in the event that the student or I give notice of a conflict at the start of the month. An invoice will be provided with dates booked and amount owed.

Piano lessons are offered at my studio as well.  Please note that I only accept beginner to intermediate piano students.

Please contact me for current rates and availability.

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