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Private Piano Lessons

My studio is located in Prospect, near Moraine State Park. Piano lessons are by appointment only.  Free wifi is provided for work or entertainment while you wait.

My goal is to provide a fun experience, a growth mindset, and a lifelong love for music. And for the littlest ones, there are plenty of games and activities to get started!

Piano is an excellent "first instrument" for many children. The skills gained from playing piano provide an excellent foundation that carries over to any other instrument. My piano students can expect to build several different skills:

• Reading (music notation) through sight-reading and music theory exercises

• A stable inner beat through rhythm exercises and confident metronome use

• Memorization skills through learning to play pieces by rote

• Technique through specific, focused technical exercises

• Creativity through improvised pieces

Studio membership is paid as a monthly flat rate, due at the first lesson of the month. The membership fee can be prorated in the event that the student or I give notice of a conflict at the start of the month. An invoice will be provided with dates booked and amount owed.

Please contact me for more details and to schedule an appointment.

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